Schindlers List Analysis

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Schindlers List Movie
Steven Spielberg in 1993 directed the drama war film, Schindlers List. The music type is orchestra. Violin has been used throughout the film; however, there is a use of woodwind instrument - Oboe. John William, composer of the song and Itzhak, a violinist, gave life to the film. The use of musical instruments supplements well the film in bringing out the suffering of Millions of Jews. Violin instrument brings a sober beginning, but sad and melancholic feeling creeps in, hearts are pierced, the woodwind instrument, Oboe stitches it, brings a mixed orchestra feeling, soothing feeling. The director interlude successfully scenes from ‘Good German ' who rescues Jews from being assassinated by the Nazis to Evil Nazi revolutionist who has brought Jews into endless suffering, torture, and murder. Musical Instrumental sends a sharp chill through spines, the earthy and authentic sounds of violin gives life to the storyline, it connects the viewers to the events, makes everyone cry at the end. Itzhak and John William have managed to create a sound effect, which is completely neutral, undoubtedly, suitable to a timeframe of the film; it has reflected the suffering the Jews endured during Nazi revolution.
The Babel Film
The Babel Film directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is a thriller drama film. The music genre and soundtrack is classical music orchestra. Musical instruments used include piano and violin, while piano presents a peaceful setup, violin sets a sad
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