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Schindler’s List occurs somewhere in 1939 during World War II and is set in Krakow, Poland. The movie begins with a brief scene that shows the registration of many Jewish families. In the next scene, Oskar Schindler can be seen in a hotel room preparing to attend a night party. Since, he was living in a hotel room at that time, he most likely only had recently moved to Krakow. While attending the night party, Schindler was able to ingratiate himself with high ranking members of the Nazi Party, which allowed him to establish connections that would help build his factory. After attending the party, Schindler goes to the Judenrat to acquaint himself with Itzhak Stern. Schindler offers to hire Stern to manage his business, but Stern refuses…show more content…
Once the camp is finished in 1943, the ghetto in Krakow was liquidated and the Jews were moved to the concentration camp. Many Jews were unjustly killed during this process and Schindler watched the massacre unfold which made him more sympathetic toward the Jews. Schindler maintains a good relationship with Goeth to keep his factory running and even convinces Goeth to create a subcamp for his Jewish workers. At the subcamp, his workers are treated justly and admire…show more content…
When the war ended, gathered his workers and told them that they were free and he called for the guards to go home peacefully. As he says goodbye to the workers, they give him a gold ring as a token of their appreciation. At that moment, Schindler realized that he could’ve saved more lives by selling personal items of his such as his car. He then flees with his wife as he is a member of the Nazi Party and could be tried for war crimes. Later on, a Russian soldier travels to Schindler’s factory and tells the Jews that they are free to go. They then travel to a nearby town. The movie then skips to approximately the present day and a long line of Jews pay their respect to Schindler at his

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