Schizoaffective Disorder In Way Of The Peaceful Warrior By Dan Millman

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Through the analysis of Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, I got the sense that the book was not all true, even though I resonate with a large amount of the book. So, as I read I made a list of ideas that I believed were possible and a list of points that I doubted were possible or misleading. In the making of these lists I correspondingly pulled out my DSM-5 and diagnosed the author as having Schizoaffective Disorder, specifically Bipolar type. Let us start with (some) of the details that are on my list titled “Things I Believe are Possible within Way of the Peaceful Warrior”. Coincidence; that is something we have talked heaps about in class. An example of coincidence within the book is when Dan joins a meditation group a week prior to being told to meditate by Socrates. Coincidences, in my opinion, is the Universe attempting to get the world to work out in a way that shows that the Universe has your back. I believe that Happiness is equal to your Satisfaction divided by your Desires. Meaning, that if your gratification is larger than your wants, your contentment will be rather large; the opposite is also true, if your fulfilment is smaller than your wishes, your joy will be slight. I also believe that if either your satisfaction or desires are 0, then your happiness will be 0, implying that you cannot live without satisfaction or desires. I can understand how Dan could feel numb during the flight home after becoming a gymnastics champion. I usually have

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