Schizophrenia Poem Summary

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In the poem Schizophrenia, when expressed “It was the house that suffered the most” it proceeds on to say that it began with slamming doors and angry feet scuffing the carpet. Dishes were left unwashed and it was certain doors that were locked at night. Neighbors referred to the house as a madhouse. My interpretation of this poem was that the house is personified within it. It was described as if the house was turning on itself, I imagine that the author implied the house as if it was a person with schizophrenia. The house was being the embodiment of the mind of someone who has it. The house itself isn’t keeping certain doors unlocked at night. As I looked deeper into the poem the house is used as a symbol, for a couple who is having problems…show more content…
The theme teaches you that you should do dirty things to other people if you don’t want it to switch up and turn on you. If he had taken the time out to be patient and let his mom give it to him he would just have gotten a dime. In schizophrenia the mood was all based off anger between the couple, the house was just a bad environment for the both of them. The house crumbled and was tore apart physically, due to the lack of attention that it had from the couple in the house. The couple didn’t have respect from each other or didn't act if they were appreciative to one another just as it was in the poem Those Winter Sundays. This poem was about a father who worked day and night even on Sundays too and was never recognized or thanked for it. The author realized that as he grew up that he should have giving thanks to his father when he was younger. His dad sacrificed his time for them to have a roof over their head and food to eat. The boy is upset that he didn't know what he knew now back…show more content…
The theme of this poem is family relationships, sacrifice, and the nature of love. Sometimes kids don’t seem to realize that parents would do anything for their kids. They don’t sit the time out to think about how every decision that their parents makes has an effect on them. What if the script was flipped and the child id giving the father's shoes with no thanks after working hard day and night.Prepares his childs shoes every morning making sure that the house is warm before anyone gets up in the morning. The father has his own things to do after a prolonged working weeks. his hands are cracked and aching now totend to the things at home also. The depiction of it is a strong physical, hands on worker who strives hard to make ends
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