Schlack's Article 'Not Going To College Is A Viable Option'

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In the article “Not Going to College is a Viable Option”, Lawrance B. Schlack claims that going to college is already regarded as the best option after high school by public, but not going to college is also an important choice. However, his article is not very effective or persuasive. The writer tries to build a trustful foundation for the article by using ethos. However, the credibility he built is not very suitable for this topic. In the first sentence, he indicated that all the “retired superintendent” suggest that superintendents always tell students not go to college is a better way to explain themselves. Moreover, himself was a consultant at Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency. He is very familiar with high school student, but it is doubtful that weather he also kept in touch with those students after they go to college or not. Although he pointed out that he had seen many students who “have gone off to college in September but are back home with mom and dad in December”, who “transferred back home to a community college”, or dropped out without degree, he did not…show more content…
He gives some alternative options for students if they do not go to college right after high school. For example, the writer asks a manager of a gas station if he would hire a 18-year-old who just graduated from high school, and his answer is yes. Then the writer suggests that it could be a very good beginning for a high school graduate. This is not convictive and might work for the opposite way. Being a worker in a gas station certainly does not give students who are reading this passage an expectation because it is not something attractive. Instead, students might feel it is a bad choice and begin to think going to college is a better choice, since if they do not, they might end up in a gas station. These evidences make the claims weaker and drive the whole passage less
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