Schlosser's Fast Food Nation

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Many advertisements target a specific group of consumers whether it be classified through gender, age group, or those that share similar interests. Companies try to create advertisements that leave a lasting impression of a certain product so that it can resonate in a consumer’s mind. Often, companies shape an advertisement based on the type of customers they want to attract. For example, McDonald 's, a fast food chain is likely to target children than adults. By attracting children, there is a likely chance that the children will will insist their parents or grandparents to bring them to the restaurant, which ultimately for the restaurant is about making thrice the profit. As a result, the company was overall successful in conveying their message…show more content…
‘It 's not just about getting kids to whine,’ one marketer explained in Selling to Kids, “it 's giving them a specific reason to ask for the product” (Schlosser 43). McDonald’s advertisements, for example, clearly have a straightforward aim: target children. They create an environment that children would enjoy; this includes the creation of Ronald and the decoration of the restaurant with fun, playful objects. Advertisers are so concerned about creating an impactful, meaningful ad that they spend time analyzing the specific age group they are working with. Schlosser evaluates the seven major nagging techniques that accompany most children’s request to buy something or go somewhere. In doing so, he evaluates the importance of studying children’s behavior to learn more about their tastes. Schlosser claims that many advertisers, “ conduct surveys of children in shopping malls ... analyze children’s artwork, send cultural anthropologists into homes, stores, fast food restaurants…” (Schlosser 44) By studying what children do and do not like, ads are specific to the age group and likely to draw more attention because they are clear in their
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