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Among one of the most influential people in history, Shakespeare has profoundly impacted modern culture with his revolutionary works of literature. Shakespeare: The Globe and the World, written by Samuel Schoenbaum, is a book about Shakespeare’s life and the significant impact he 's had on the world around him. In this book, Schoenbaum analyzes important aspects of Shakespeare 's life, career, and literary works. The two book reviews by John W. Velz and David Stuart Rhodes effectively critique Shakespeare: The Globe and the World, utilizing ethos, logos, and pathos while helping the reader understand Shakespeare’s world. John Velz begins his book review using ethos, establishing Schoenbaum 's credibility as an author by mentioning two other popular books he 's written: Shakespeare 's Lives and William Shakespeare: A Documentary Life. Velz claims that Schoenbaum 's witty and erudite style of writing can be identified in all three of his books. Although the book 's title suggests that it is a catalogue to the Folger 's exhibition Velz points out that it is…show more content…
David Rhodes introduces Shakespeare: The Globe and the World as a book that concisely and accurately lives up to its title. Schoenbaum’s ethos, credibility, is established in this book review by mentioning that this text is among one of his many outstanding scholarly achievements. Rhode’s establishes his own credit by mentioning he is an editor and a teacher. Rhodes utilizes logos by mentioning the price of the book as being a very great bargain. This fact persuades the reader to want to purchase the book because they would be saving money. He uses pathos by appealing to the reader with his artful language saying the text and pictures of the book, “coexist graciously,” and “Schoenbaum’s text draws the physical items into an emotional and intellectual coherence that they themselves do not proclaim. Rhodes points out that Schoenbaum uses pathos when he gets the readers sympathy by making a reference to
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