Scholarly Argumentative Essay On Adult Education

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Scholarly Argument In order for any adult education organization to be successful, the bottom line should be considered, but ultimately decisions made in adult education programs should prioritize social justice imperatives. According to Brookfield (n.d.), “critical theory can be deemed effective to the extent that it keeps alive the hope that the world can be changed to make it fairer and more compassionate”. (p. 6) There are a variety of components that all work together to ensure the success of the organization. An adult education organization should ensure they have strong leadership, adequate funding and staff to ensure the organization is successful. In addition, at the heart of all successful organizations are the learners the organization…show more content…
Reality is without learners; the organization would cease to exist. Community based organizations in adult education look to give back to the community by providing a service to community members, also known as the adult learners. The education learners receive can potentially be put to work right back in the community thus creating a cycle effect. You may find that local business support adult education programs because of the service they are potentially offering them in the way of future employees. You may like to call this a return on investment when businesses support the mission and vision of an organization. This is but one way to measure the success of an adult education program. Evaluation of adult learning programs directly affect learners. Without evaluation how would you know if your program was achieving its mission and learners were getting what they needed? Accountability is the foundation for evaluation of non-profit as they would want to do a better job and have a higher success rating in terms of supporting adult learners. Board members, managers, staff, and even the learner can participate in evaluations. The transparency that it allows may clearly communicate the organization’s significance to the public; which may increase participation in the
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