Scholarly Reflection For Nursing

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Scholarly Reflection Assignment
Undoubtedly, the transition from a senior nursing student to a graduate nurse can be challenging. Graduate nurses often experience a complex but relatively predictable array of emotional, intellectual, physical, sociocultural, and developmental issues, especially during the initial phase of employment (College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta, 2013). I have always had a keen interest in pediatric nursing and was fortunate enough to practice in the pediatric surgical setting at the Stollery Children 's Hospital for my final preceptorship. I identified learning and implementing family-centered care (FCC) as an ongoing goal at the beginning of the preceptorship due to my insufficient amount of knowledge in this field and its extraordinary relevance to pediatric nursing. Upon reflection, becoming familiar with FCC in my private life and implementing relevant activities in professional settings have made FCC meaningful to me. It has also refined me professionally through my transition to a future graduate nurse. This reflective essay will address topics including an introduction to FCC, my personal and professional exposure to FCC, relevant FCC practice reflection as well as an evaluation of the impact on future practices.
Introduction to FCC
FCC has been described as a partnership approach to health care decision making (Kuo et al., 2011, p. 297). There are four major concepts of FCC: (1) dignity and respect, where health care

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