Scholarship Definition Essay

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Etienne Gilson has written an article about the definition of the term scholarship and what it means to truly utilise the knowledge learnt in universities and colleges. According to Gilson, “scholarship does not consist primarily in the quantity of knowledge a man possesses, but in the way he possesses it.” In other words, although a scholar is an individual who bares intelligence, he must use his education and skills to apply it to his life and profession effectively. Based on my insights and personal experiences, I agree with this essay for the following reasons. University teaches students to think critically, widen their understanding of their world and research to prove their point. To begin with, higher education promotes critical thinking. As stated by Gilson, “A place where men would…show more content…
Based on the passage, “sciences, history, literature or the fine arts aim toward a certain ideal that is designated by the word ‘scholarship’”. In other words, college students are given the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of subjects as part of their liberal education to become “scholars”. Although the dictionary defines a scholar as a person that has done studies at a certain field, or has gained a scholarship as a result of their exceptional performance in high school, the term also classifies one who has a learned mind. This is because the purpose of college and the liberal arts is to broaden our horizons and think from different perspectives. We learn histories of other countries and the meaning of man in a religious and philosophical view even if our courses are involving finance or economics. With that broad understanding of different fields, we can apply them to our careers and become well rounded scholars. That is why the college educational system promotes diversity in the
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