Scholarship Essay: A Career As A Pediatric Nurse

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Scholarship Essay Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to work with kids and help people. I kept going back and forth between being a special education teacher, daycare provider, social worker, etc. I thought of so many things, but nothing really seemed right. Then one day I was watching a show, and the woman was a pediatric nurse. I had never thought of it before, but it was perfect! It fit both the things I want to do, work with kids and help people. I think nurses are so important. Without them a hospital would be nothing, and more people would be ill without the proper care they need. Nurses are there to care for the patient, support them, give them hope, and be there for them when nobody else is. Being a nurse definitely will be physically and emotionally draining, but I am up for the challenge!…show more content…
One downside to nursing is that you will often have to work long hours. I think every second of your shift would be worth it knowing that you are helping a sick child. Another downside is the current pay gap between nurses and doctors. I believe that nurses have the tougher job and they should be making equal or more pay. The nurse spends more time with the patient and has the tougher workload. They get to connect with the patient and take care of them. They are the ones that have to perform CPR when a patient flatline’s, they are there when a patient has a seizure, they change the patients bed pan, they make sure the patient gets the proper amount of medication. They do so much more than we even realize. As a nurse you are also putting yourself at risk to help another person. After high school I plan on getting my nursing degree, and then eventually specialize in pediatric nursing. My goal is to help patients in as many ways that I possibly can. This scholarship will help me financially with my college education. Thank you for taking the time to read my essay and consider me for this

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