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DDS Scholarship Essay “You must aspire to be someone in life. You must take the opportunities put in your path and make the most of your accomplishments.” My father has always told me this throughout my life and has taught me to never let a chance slip away from my grip. Once the opportunity of receiving this scholarship crossed my path, I had to take it. Several events in my life have shaped me to become the student and person I am today. Education is a valuable treasure, and with it you can do anything. Seeing how my parents struggle being immigrants has made me realize how lucky I am to have access to an education and sources to help me pay for college. I have not let any of my struggles surpass achieving my dreams in addition to becoming…show more content…
They came from Mexico to build a better life and started working from the moment they set foot here. Nineteen years later, they still live a life full of struggles. My mother has to work twelve hour shifts, five days a week, and still manages to feed four children. I help her with my current job but it is not enough sometimes. I believe that with a college degree, it will be my ticket to providing a better life not only for me, but for my family. I owe my parents everything because they are the ones who gave me this opportunity. It is a chance to better myself and become someone in life. I would be the first in my family to go to college, and that itself is rewarding. A job in the business industry that I love is one goal after college. With a stable job, I will be able to provide my parents any of their needs. The career I want to pursue is in business management and marketing. My marketing class at the Lapeer Education and Technology Center has given me the passion for business. The skills acquired throughout two years in that class has gotten me an offering for a job as a secretary after I graduate high school. Having this job will be a great help since I plan to attend a community college while working, and afterwards leave to a university. In conclusion, my goals for college are to complete my first two years locally and be certified in marketing. Then I will
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