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Scholarship Essay – Favorite Subject From cooking to financial planning, mathematics is used in nearly every aspect of our lives, and it is essential to the success of many everyday tasks. Math is my favorite subject in school because of its countless uses in everyday situations, necessity in businesses and the economy, and how it challenges myself and others to solve complex problems. One reason mathematics is my favorite subject is because it can easily be associated with numerous everyday tasks. Sure, not every lesson acquired in class is going to play a role in a future career, but many of the skills learned will be put to use at some point in life. For example, it is essential to use math skills when baking to ensure that the ingredients are properly measured out, otherwise, the end result will not be close to what is expected. Also, being able to correctly use mathematical skills when managing a family budget is especially necessary to properly designate and spend money. Without mathematics, it would be impossible to shop, bake a cake, take out a mortgage on a home, balance a budget, or complete countless other everyday tasks. It would be nearly impossible to check out at a store, as people would have…show more content…
Math’s many aspects allow me to constantly have different problems to solve and prevents it from becoming repetitive. This keeps math interesting and allows me to explore the many applications each part of math has in the world. Each aspect of math has numerous essential uses for different professions in the workforce. For example, geometry is mainly used in architecture and design, while algebra is mainly used in engineering and business. Mathematics is even used in hospitals, as the physician who studies biological cells needs to have knowledge of math if he means to cut the margin of error to make his diagnosis

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