Scholarship Essay: My Four Years Of High School

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In my four years of high school, I have been very active in everything the school has to offer. I have filled up my after school hours playing sports, performing in plays and choral concerts, and working at the school to help teach the younger generations Language Arts. During my summers, I volunteer at summer school to assist in the math classes for middle school and high schoolers while I also have a job being a lifeguard. Basketball, softball, and golf are the sports that I’ve played over my high school career. I’ve participated in four years of basketball and softball, and three years in golf. I will be performing in my fourth school play this upcoming spring, and will have my third choral concert. I’ve been an active part of Writer’s…show more content…
I have tutored kids in math from the grades of fourth and higher in summer school for the past three years and plan on doing it again this June. I volunteered during the Franklin County Fair on Little Hands on the Farm, which teaches kids about the animals on farms and some of the crops that are grown. For a paying job, I work at the Hampton Aquatic Center, where I have been a lifeguard for two years. I’ve been on the Honor Roll at school for my entire life. I’m currently number one in class rank and am in the running for valedictorian. Last year I was inducted into the Honor Society in my high school. I have also been accepted into the Honor’s Program at UNI starting next year. I was just recently nominated for a Star Student Award for the Globe Gazette in English. Because of my success in and love for English, I’ve decided to major in English Education in college and go on to teach high school level English. My volunteering at summer school and the other work I’ve done in classrooms made me realize that I love teaching others. The look on their faces when I’m able to teach them something new that they understand makes me feel exceptional, and that I’m doing something worthwhile. I chose English specifically because it is a subject that I am personally passionate about, and I want desperately to teach others to love it as
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