Scholarship Essay: The Impact Of Excelsior Scholarship

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The impact of Excelsior Scholarship As a college bound New York student, the Excelsior Scholarship would play an incredible impact in my life. This is a great New York free tuition program that was introduced by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Students who are already living in New York who will be able to attend college full time will be able to benefit from this generosity. However, although this is a wonderful opportunity students who desperately need it may not be able to participate in it. Let’s consider students who work part time or full time, or for various other reasons can only do part time studies what will they do? All the restrictions that Excelsior Scholarship comes with, it creates too much challenge for several students to benefit from…show more content…
's Tuition-Free Dream Meets Details) “Rick Seltzer” stated that “Scholarship recipients will have to live and work in New York State after graduation for the same number of years the grant received the Excelsior Scholarship, or their grant will turn into loans.” This requirement would certainly cause it to be difficult for me to participate in the program. Although, there are a few exceptions for students who will be going out of state to graduate school are going into the military. These students will be allowed to defer the requirement as long they will return to New York in the future. In conclusion, Although, Excelsior Scholarship is a pioneering program that generate attention throughout the country: many students will not be able to take advantage of it because of all the restrictions. Students must live in New York, Study in New and York Work in New York. Most of the students who need help will still be left out, including me. My situation would not allow me to complete studies in the time allotted, to complete fixed amount of credits, or to live in New York for two to four years. However, it is a great opportunity for those who will able to utilize
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