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My name is Apinporn Sillapajarn. I was a sophomore student from Assumption University in Thailand. I was in between the summer before my sophomore’s year will be started, when I knew about the first scholarship of Jimei School’s Alumni club. So, I was interested in this great scholarship that will give me the opportunity to educate in Chinese language and my interesting major which is International Economy and Trade. Introduction of my background I am a Thai citizen with a little bit of Chinese lineage from my great grandfather. I am the third child of my parents who was born and raised in Nakhonsawan, Thailand. When I studied in middle school at Nakhonsawan School, I got the total GPA at 3.92. Afterwards, I had been an exchange student…show more content…
The goals of these years are getting HSK in the level 5 or at least in the level 4 , learning about Chinese cultures ,and speaking Chinese fluently. Third year I would like to attend the major’s subjects which will be about trade between different countries and about economy. It is the important part of learning specific knowledge which is about business, and that will be continued and used in the future. Moreover, I will study harder to get lots of information and idea to be prepared for the real experiences and real problems. The goal of this year is learning about international business to adapt with real life’s situations and being part of Chinese society. Forth year This is the last year at Jimei University, so I would like to be participated in University’s activities more than the last three year. Also, I prefer to apprentice in jobs that is taught me about the variety and the reality of working. Finally, I would like to graduate with full knowledge about everything that I will have learned inside and outside class this year to be my base to be a great adult who can be successful and help people who are needed to have better
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