Scholarship Statement: My American Dream

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Scholarship statement
“Welcome to Los Angeles. It’s now 5:45 P.M. We hope you enjoyed your flight...” I still remembered this announcement vividly when my family takes our first step in America. That was a meaningful day when our American dream came true, but we all knew there would be a lot of challenges and difficulties waiting us ahead.
One year living in America required lots of effort from my family. My parents cannot speak English, and they are almost sixty years old which make it even harder for them to find a job in California. But they are still trying and doing everything they can to support me. Fortunately, American is so generous to give me an opportunity to have a great education even when I cannot afford it. Every day, I tell myself to try harder to have good grade in class to pay back for my parents’ effort, to say “Thank you” for America, and to take a valuable opportunity that I have in education. However, it is not as easy as I thought. We cannot earn enough for living. Studying and working at the same time is so
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I just know that was what I want to be when my father had a heart attack. The moments waiting for him outside the emergency room made me realized many things. My whole life, he was there, taking care of me whenever I was sick, and when he really needed help, I did not know what to do. The feeling of being useless made me feel so bad. At that moment, I just felt so ready to take on another challenge, to learn something that I knew I could help and took care of my family in the future. I knew I was ready to be in the healthcare industry. I still remember the smiles of pharmacists in the white blouses, standing behind the table, willing to help me when my father was in the hospital. In my heart, they were so compassionate and caring to every single patient. That was the reason why I want to become a pharmacist to be involved in the improvement of others’ health, and to take care of my
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