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There are multiple things that are mandatory in the world. Some things that are more fun than others. For example going to a business meeting might be more boring than a mandatory event at a gaming center. Or doing a fun hobby that is required. Students come to school to work on school related subjects; such as, math, reading,writing, social studies, and science. Many students already have an extracurricular activity that they are evolved in. Producing a mandatory extracurricular activity is irrelevant to the school day and events that take place during it. Although this idea would fit better at a different place I disagree with this argument. I disagree with this argument because the mandatory activity would mess up more things than it fixed. The principle has had multiple great ideas in the past but, this is not one of them. He believes that this would be a great idea for the school. However, we think that this is a bad idea because it gets in the way of things such as, family responsibilities, other extracurricular activities that students may already have, and time for other things outside of school.…show more content…
One reason why this is a big issue is because it terminates time for students to study for school related factors. A reason that is similar is the fact that students would be limited to time to do homework and work on projects or school work. In similarity to the first reason, this mandatory activity is a was of time because it causes students to be affected at home, ways including, transportation issues, inability to do chores, getting home late, the fact that it is not part of the school day, etc. This also keeps kids from spending time with their friends. Yes, people cold argue the fact that students could make new friends from the activities that they are listed in, but kids arn't going to have anything in common with people at a event that they were forced to

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