School Band Research Paper

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Topic B Band in my school is something of a privilege to be in. you have loads of fun and everyone is your friend/family. But even tho it sounds like it 's an easy class I can tell you first hand that it can be anything but. You have to have a pretty clean schedule and be able to go to every practice and be able to do a lot of physical work along with mentally preparing yourself for the intense heat and stress it can cause, but in the long run it helped me with most of the things I do now. When I first started band I was in 7th grade and I had the highest hopes that band would be the best and easiest class I had ever taken but that thought was abandoned the first day of summer band. I had no clue what I was doing and if I didn 't mark my spot right I would get yelled at and get in trouble. When I say that it takes a lot of work we had to basically run across a football field while carrying a 20lb instrument, dodging people, playing a song, all while watching the drum major so you can keep on the beat. But I always used the seniors and other…show more content…
I don 't march anywhere or play an instrument outside of band class or at my house, but band taught me that even when you think it 's too tough, you need to keep working at it until you can do it no matter what it takes. I never saw the point of working hard for something that 's so irrelevant, until I saw the entrance to the Alamodome for state marching contest and figured that even tho this is one of the hardest things i 've ever done, I was glad that me and the other forty or so people i 'm glad to call my friends and family all worked hard together and individually to get us where we are today. Knowing that I have benefited from this experience makes everything about it, the practices, the heat, the overall toughness that I endured was all worth it for me and my future. Without band I wouldn 't have a set level of endurance I have now and a level to which I work hard to reach whenever I do something that doesn 't
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