School Begins: Identify The Character In The Cartoon

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Identify the character(s) in the cartoon. In this particular cartoon, which is titled School Begins, created by a gentleman by the name of Luis Dalrymple; you can notice plenty of different characters, which portray an entire viewpoint by the artist on this period of time. The first and most apparent character would have to be the teacher. This character seems to be portraying Uncle Sam as he lectures the class. He also is harping on the four characters in the front row of the class, which have the labels of the Philippines, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Cuba labeled across their shirts. All four of these characters seem completely uncomfortable, as well as terrified with their presence in that classroom, especially being in the front row. Behind these students you then see students with the labels on their books of California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Alaska. They seem to be sitting peacefully away from the scolding of Uncle Sam. Behind the Uncle Sam character there is an African American male cleaning the window, which seems to be rather happy that he is a part of a classroom experience all…show more content…
That if the students in the front of the classroom would assimilate themselves to the American way af life they could maybe become like those behind them. They are apparently front and center within the classroom and it seems that Uncle Sam is the superior being that they should indeed emulate. I don’t agree that this is a just act, however, this is my perspective on what is taking place. The African American boy I fell represents the social status of African Americans at the time, which was almost less than human all together. The Native American boy may represent that they were perceived as lesser intelligent humans with no chance of being civilized or helped. Lastly, the Chinese character outside of the classroom may represent the complete exclusion of Chinese people during these
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