School Bullies Should Be Prosecuted By Law Essay

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School Bullies Should Be Prosecuted by Law

There has always been a great concern about school violence, not only among the police and parents but also in the public in general. There is one recent phenomenon of our age, which has received particular attention because it was something unknown among earlier generations. It was only a few years ago that bullying was recognized and reported as a serious and existing offense of today’s schools. The reason for hearing about it often is because researchers and the media started to devote time to keep up with it given its frequency and fast proliferation.
Despite the phenomenon being widespread among schools around the world, the highest number of bullies is among the American ones. According to the statistics of the National Education Association, one in three American kids in grade six through ten are targets of bullying (Engel). Some other statistics turn the cases of bullying into numbers, which reveal that there are about 2.1 million bullies in American schools, and the number of the bullied peaks at 2.7 million. The number of those students who miss school because they are afraid of being bullied is 160,000 (Kulbarsh).
The reason why school bullies should be prosecuted by law is that apart from generating suicidal attempts and actions among the students affected, a recent tendency
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Among them, twelve states apply criminal sanctions against bullies like school suspension and even jail time. However, professor of the George Washington University defined, it seems that the government is “prosecuting people not for what they did, but for what the victim did in response” (Schwartz). His comment proves that people in general do not feel the gravity of these cases, since higher powers start to take measures only after the tragedy

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