School Bullying Effects

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Each year there are more than 3.2 million students who are the victims of a bully. Bullying has been through schools all around the world and have affected the kids that participate their as well. Because of all of these occurrences, many kids skip school to get away from their bullies that way it doesn’t happen again. Above all, children go through things everyday at school, but have you ever stopped to wonder what actually happens and what comes out of it. They go through school to get a good education and good grades, but many children also go through being bullied. Students can be affected by bullying in many different ways that can hurt themselves and others in the present and the future. School bullying has many effects on children including…show more content…
The feeling of loneliness from school bullying in children can cause other effects as well that can make things that are worse happen to them. Parents and other people need to notice this sign of bullying because of what children can do as an outcome of it when they feel no one is their for them. Having health problems is another effect of bullying and cause kids to have long and short term effects on them. These health problems that they get from being bullied can not only affect them but also others around them including their parents and peers. Academics are important for kids to succeed later in life, but kids that have been bullied may not want to go to school because of that one person that bullies them. From bullying someone it can cause them to have a decrease in their academics that can hurt themselves later in life. Parents need to be aware of the things that their kids go through and see the effects in them because not many kids will come out and say that they are being bullied at school. They need to be more informed and know what actually goes on at school other that learning in class. Many children are bullied each year including over 3 million kids. By having this many kids being bullied at school it shows that many people don’t even know what is going on. Parents should know what goes on at schools all around the world and they should know how they can help their children not feel afraid when they go to
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