School Bus Auditing System Analysis

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IV. PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION A. Existing System: Each student is given with the RFID tags which contain the details of the student, contact person and their phone number etc. The RFID reader, kept in the bus, will read the serial number of the tag that contains the details of the students. The information read is stored in the microcontroller and sent to school server via GSM modem. Once the tag is read by the reader simultaneously a message is sent to parents. The block diagram is shown in fig.1 Fig 1.Block diagram of existing work B. Proposed System: A RFID tag contains the details of the area, is placed in the bus stop. Once the reader reads the tag the information is sent to school server via GSM modem and a message about the current location of bus is sent to the parents. Usually the bus tracking system…show more content…
DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION The vehicle tracking system is formed by a microcontroller, hardware and software design techniques. A. HARDWARE DESCRIPTION 1) Microcontroller The Atmel microcontroller is used to maintain the school bus tracking system. The microcontroller is compatible with the industry standard 80C51.It is applied for its low power, high performance and non-volatile memory technology. The program can be modified any number of times and dumped into microcontroller because of the on-chip flash memory. The GPS is used for tracking the school bus. A software program to control them is written in the Embedded C language which is compiled and then saved into the microcontroller’s flash memory. B. SOFTWARE DESCRIPTION 1) KEIL μVision 4: The program to be stored in the microcontroller is developed by the keil μvision software.It is used to compile and debug the 8051 program which is written in C.The keil software is used to combine project management and run time environment.It is used to build facilities,source code editing and program debugging.It is user friendly and working operation is simple.The keil simulator screenshot is shown in

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