School Bus Safety

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The School Bus: a safe method to protect students when they go to school and go back home Introduction In the last few months, there are some campus shooting cases in America, and there is some miserable news about girls going home by the illegal taxis and then be killed bloodily after a few days in China. All of the people are shocked by the news. The students’ personal safety cannot be guaranteed thoroughly in many places around the world. Everyone is thinking about why there are so many problems. Because of that, all of the parents begin to pay more attention to their children’s safety. This essay will discuss the students’ personal safety problem when students going to school or going back home, and do analysing, finally find whether the school bus is useful or not. Situation In China, it is often unsafe for students to go home or go to school alone. Students are vulnerable group in society. They cannot resolve the problem correctly and timely. So the criminal often take them as the target, for example, the criminal usually pretend to be a friend of their parents’, and says he wants to help the parents to carry the student goes back home, or use candy to tempt them directly. Not only the criminal incident but also the traffic accident will endanger the students’ personal safety. When the students walking home without their parents, they will pass the road by themselves inevitably. Students cannot notice the cars on the road if they playing and running during
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