School Busing Scandal

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In episode five of Serial, Koeing tests Adnan’s ability to travel from Woodlawn High to Best Buy and kill Hae in approximately 21 minutes. She concludes that it is possible, but does not account for the slow school buses. Adnan claims the buses would take approximately 10 minutes to leave the lot, but Koeing fails to check if possibly the school busing system has changed. Also, in Jay’s account Adnan called him to pick him up from the Best Buy through a payphone. However, the blueprint for the store and several sources confirm that there was never a pay phone there in 1999. I believe that the jury overlooked small but clear clues. Especially in the call between Neesha, Adnan, and Jay, which should have been investigated further. This is due to the fact that Neesha stated that Jay worked at a video store before he officially received the job.…show more content…
This was proven by the locations of the pings given by cell towers. On Adnan’s part, both I and the reporter found his actions of not contacting Hae after she disappeared highly suspicious. I began to question Adnan’s integrity after I heard this. From jail, Adnan references a possible third party when he makes an odd call to someone at Kathy’s home. I wonder why the police never went the extra mile to figure out where that call came from. One incident that irked me that Koeing did not expand on was Jay attempting to stab his friend. His willingness shows what Jay can be capable of doing. I applaud Koeing finally bring professionals into the case to decipher if Adnan might be innocent. A reporter could not have done it by

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