School Calendar Pros And Cons

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The changing from the normal calendar year (June - March) to the new calendar year (August - May) is still a big question of other schools. As stated on Republic Act no. 7797, school calendar must be a maximum of 220 class days, and the school year should start on the first Monday of June but not later than the last day of August.Top universities like Ateneo De Manila University, University of Santo Tomas and University of the Philippines shifted their academic year yet there are still debates concerning the shifting of the new academic year.

As discussed on an infographic (Salano, 2014), there are some pros and cons that should be considered on applying the new academic calendar as listed below:

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·Less opportunity for local students to enter chosen universities since slots will have to be allotted to foreign activities - The change may attract more foreign students and less opportunities to our Filipino students who can 't enroll because of financial problems.

·Graduating high school students will go through a 5 to 6 month break before 1st semester as college freshmen - The 5 to 6 month break will be a vacation and a waste of time to students who are graduating who wants to get a job to earn money for their families.

·Holy Week will have to be celebrated during the semester - One of the waited holidays will be just an ordinary day to students who should come to school.

·Semestral breaks will fall during the Christmas season - Christmas Break is now the same with the semestral break that may result to shorten days of vacation.

·Will affect businesses which attract the most visitors during summer - Businesses like resorts will have to adjust to the new academic calendar and think of some ways to obtain the losses that may
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Greater possibility of class suspensions - More suspensions might incur due to bad weather reports on the term break months.

In my opinion, more study and research must be done before entering to the new academic calendar and yet the issue is still debatable on some schools. As said by Chairperson of CHED (Commission on Higher Education), Patricia Licuanan (March, 2014), it is not advisable to shift the calendar year with no prior researches. She also emphasized that the June start of classes is the most feasible. In addition, FEU Diliman might have problems on the shifting with the reasons stated below:

·FeuDiliman has a trimestral system. If they suddenly shift their academic calendar, April to July will be closed in business.

·If no income on April to July, FeuDiliman might increase the tuition fees of the upcoming students to compensate their loss during the months.

·Graduating students might be affected as they will have a break of four months unless they can obtain summer job to make income.

·K-12 graduate students will have a problem on enrolling to FeuDiliman as four months will be vacant.

·New system should be produced as well as educational system if FeuDiliman want to cope up with other foreign
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