School Choice: The Positive Effects Of Parental Choice For Children

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Academic achievement of the children has also proved the optimistic effects of parental choice. The studies have shown that school choice can help the children to get the benefit in multiple ways. Weinschrott and Kilgore (1998) stated that “increasing parents’ choice over how and where their children are educated gives parents a sense of ownership and enthusiasm that contribute directly to improvements in students’ performance” (p. 307). After being given more choice, fewer parents raised complaints about their schools (Bracey, 2008; Raty, Kasanen, & Laine, 2009). Naismith (1994) found a link between this satisfaction and feelings of greater involvement and the feeling of pride of ownership; Moe (2001) correlated parents’ satisfaction with having a greater degree of choice over the kind of education service they used. Raywid (1995) added that the concept of school choice recognizes that learners are individuals with unique talents and specialized needs, and choice gives parents the freedom to find a school that will design curricula to accommodate their needs. In the same way, when school choice can help with student diversity, it can also improve learning motivation and academic progress (Perkins-Gough, 2008). Muhammad Ayub Buzdar et. Al study aimed to investigate the parents’ attitudes toward their daughters’ education in tribal areas of district Dera Ghazi Khan (Pakistan). The findings disclosed the parents’ positive perceptions toward their daughters’ education but at

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