Essay On School Connectedness

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School connectedness factors can help the students how to be more engage and accomplish their goals. Research supports school connectedness as one avenue for supporting student achievement (Blum & Libbey, 2004; Croninger & Lee, 2001; McNeely & Falci, 2004). The focus for this literature review is the impact of salient factors of student connectedness, such as school membership, peer attachment, teacher-student relationships, and academic engagement, to identify domains that are most important to students in supporting their belief and how male and female differ in those factors. School connectedness, or the student’s relationship to school, has been measured using diverse methods. Researchers have used constructs such as school membership,…show more content…
She found that psychological membership itself might be an essential contributor to school motivation, effort, interest, and progressive accomplishment (Goodenow, 1993). Same as school membership is the build of school attachment. Evola (2004) reported that the more a student felt attach to school, the more prominent the school bond (Evola, 2004). According to Mouton, Hawkins, McPherson, and Copley (1996) reported similar descriptors of school attachment by students, citing the degree to which people at school liked the students. It is apparent in this domain of school connectedness, when defined as a student’s membership or attachment to school, that interactions with other people on school play a significant role in a personal sense of school connectedness. Other sources have suggested that connectedness occurs when a person is actively involved with another person, object, group, or environment that will ultimately promote a sense of comfort and well-being and reduce anxiety (Dixon, 2007; Karcher, 2004). Accroding to Klem & Connell (2004); Lessard et al (2008). The interpersonal relationships that are developed and nurtured in the school context have been shown to be significant for the construct of school
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