Young Teens In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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Is today’s youth truly benefiting from school curriculums banning books? For many parents there kids innocence is more than often a top priority, but due to the growing public more and more are being exposed to explicit content. Through ideas such as the internet and other media, it has become increasingly easy to obtain this content. However, this does not mean that being able to obtain this content should be available everywhere. Although the novel In Cold Blood written by Truman Capote accurately portrays present day investigations on murder, it should be banned from school curriculums for young teens because of its explicit content. Young teens can often be described as emotionally unstable, and this instability can cause tolerance issues. Instability in emotions can cause irrational actions and thoughts, this can get out of control quickly causing a detrimental reaction to follow as a side affect. The novel In Cold Blood, uses emotional…show more content…
Young teens are very vulnerable and insecure, some figure out how to deal with this reasonably and others tend to stray. Teens who are involved in criminal violence are often misguided and just need help to get on the right path. For many though “We see them as wayward youths, as kids gone wrong”, but when in reality they “are nonetheless not ‘bad.’ This image is of the teen as a victim. They are misguided, immature, insufficiently socialized, but not evil.” In order to help these struggling youths measures such as “ therapeutic response that will permit natural maturation and socialization to set them on the right path.” should be taken. Books like Capotes novel do not help these young children. Instead of them find ways to relate to characters that are what society calls criminals they need to be shown what life is like with out violence and that there are ways to get over there past with out using
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