School Day In High School

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SCHOOL DAYS, THE MYSTERY DOES UNFOLD The very first time I saw him, I was brought to a stop; my whole body and mind were completely captivated. It was my last year in junior high school and the last week of school, yet it was my first time ever noticing him. There was something truly happening to me, and I couldn’t really understand. It was a great feeling, but sort of odd because I never saw his face; he was walking about twenty feet ahead of me and I only saw him from behind. The next time I saw him was two days later when I had gone to watch the school’s last baseball game. I don’t recall ever going to any of the other games, yet I felt compel to attend this one. I went alone and that was very odd for me in junior high school. I was about to leave the game when I noticed a boy clear across the street. He was standing on the stoop of a house about twenty feet away again. His face was still a mystery to me, but I knew it was him because I felt that same strange feeling I received a few days ago when I first noticed him. I decided to try and stand in his eyesight since he was watching the game from the stoop across the street. Each time I would move I would look back to see if I had attracted his attention. After several attempts, the last time I moved then turned around he was gone. The game was over, and I left the grounds. I cannot tell you what

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