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School DISCIPLINE… …the challenge that can make or break a principal School discipline is the single biggest challenge facing a principal. Successful education can only take place in an orderly and controlled environment. The safety and security of the teachers and students is dependent on a well-disciplined school. Discipline means the students are polite, neatly dressed, well-mannered and hard working. The school is litter-free and free of vandalism. Teachers are firmly in control of classroom behaviour and the students have a good work ethic. Gangs, bullying and general harassment is not allowed. There have been many skilful and knowledgeable heads of school who have failed because they did not have control of the discipline of the school.…show more content…
People lose focus as they become embroiled in conflicts and these conflicts can seriously derail the smooth functioning of a school. Every conflict has the potential to damage the good reputation of a school when egos, culture, issues and interests clash and it is important that staff and students learn how to solve conflicts. It is critical that the principal keeps a level head, remains unemotional, reasonable and fair and does not add to the conflict in any negative way. It is the principal’s function to solve and end the dispute. It is even more important that the dispute be solved in a positive manner and that the compromise is used as opportunity for growth and progress in the school and for the individuals involved. It is the head’s responsibility to open the channels of communication and seek a solution and to act quickly before the situation can escalate and get out of control. It is a stressful process and solutions take time, but throughout the principal must stay calm, be constructive and must not get personally involved in the conflicting…show more content…
The head must always have a plan to solve the issue and the skills to envision possible solutions and scenarios that will be played will guide all parties towards ending the issue and allow for everyone to move on. Over the years the following conclusions can be arrived at:  Very few win a conflict.  Disputes that are allowed to smoulder and escalate are more difficult to solve or end.  Compromise and sitting down with the participants always happens eventually.  It is amazing how people cannot solve their own conflicts but need a neutral third party like the head. Conflict settlement and Justice throughout the world is settled the same way.  Lawyers and the police can be brought into the conflict. Surely the aim of parents should be to protect their child from such drastic action?  Two parties have a dispute, but the truth of what really happened is often quite different.  It is amazing how parents will attack the school and yet expect continued good service and even sympathy.  Parents are usually over-protective and over-react in defence of their children, often to the disadvantage of the children.  When conflicting parties try to look at the issues from the other side’s perspective, a solution is usually

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