Strict Dress Codes In Schools

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American schools shouldn’t have dress codes. Many students in America wake up every morning and analyze what they’re going to wear to comply with a strict dress code. Many schools in America have a strict dress code to set a “professional” learning environment but, in reality it just stresses most students out. The First Amendment states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” (Amendment 1) Still, there are a lot of strict dress codes. School officials say that strict dress codes make school “worry free”. Strict dress codes do the exact opposite. Students worry about what they’re wearing or what they’re going to wear. Dress codes can also make shopping difficult. There’s many reasons why schools should loosen…show more content…
Studies have shown that schools with strict dress codes only raised test scores by .01%. Oceanside, California is an example of a school with a strict dress code. A few of the restrictions they have there are clothing must be proper size and fit, hair must be neat, well kept, and clean, and no excessive make up (Dress Code). Schools with strict dress codes may get good test scores but, schools with casual dress codes also have good test scores. That could be because kids aren’t worrying about what their wearing, getting dress coded, and they’re not being pulled out of class or suspended over what they’re wearing. Dress codes…show more content…
Uniforms eliminate kids worrying about what they’re going to wear and if they’re going to get dress coded but, there’s still issues with this solution too. Uniforms could be difficult for children and teens that come from poor or impoverished families to afford. In 2013 the average cost of a school uniform was $249. Schools that have strict dress codes can also make it difficult to buy clothing so, it could add up to the same price. Uniforms also make it difficult for kids to express themselves. That is also against the First Amendment because they’re restricting kids from expressing themselves. More private schools require uniforms than public schools. More public schools are starting to require students to wear uniforms because of all of the controversy over dress codes. Private schools have good test scores but, that could be because students there get more one on one time with teachers. Most schools in Europe require students to wear uniforms. As a direct result of that there are less students getting dress coded in Europe.
Dress codes have good and bad rules. Dress codes violate part of the First Amendment and it’s difficult to follow every rule if a school has a strict dress code. Strict dress codes do not drastically improve test scores. Casual dress codes also do not drastically improve test scores. Uniforms are good because kids don’t have to worry about what they’re wearing. But, uniforms

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