School Drop Out In The Philippines

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The Philippines is turning into a nation of grade school drop-out.” This is the strong statement of Brago (1996) in her column in Manila Chronicles. We may not want to accept that statement but the reality is manifested in the following records:

• According to World Bank (WB, 2014), in 2012, 58 million children were out of school; in which half of these lived in conflict-affected countries.
• Dumlao (2006) reported that 18.1% of children aged 6 to 12 (of primary school age) in the Philippines were out of school.
• Most of drop-outs (740,000) come from the public elementary school according to the records of statistics and research division and more than 300,000 public high school students have also stopped schooling, Carcamo (2000) said.
• Contreras (1998) noticed that 60% of the attrition of children from school happens in Grades 1 and 2.
• 60% percent of all dropouts occur in the first two years of elementary schooling according to Ortego (1998). This means that 500,000
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One among the many is Francisco Domagoso popularly known as Isko Moreno. As told by Contreras (2004), Isko was a scavenger pushing carts on the busy roads of Manila and later became a pedicab driver before he was discovered as a teen star in “That’s Entertainment” in the early ‘90s. Isko was making Php50 a day driving a pedicab which he used to send himself to Philippine Maritime Institute to become a ship captain before a talent manager found him in 1992.
Isko grabbed the opportunity to save money from his earnings as his showbiz career begun to thrive in the industry and put aside his plans as a mariner. Then in 1998, he entered politics and was elected as a city councilor. It was only during his second

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