School Education In Dejene's Reflection On Bowles

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Dejene’s reflection on Bowles
When I began to read the article I began to ask my self why the capitalist system is likely keep alive sacrificing the equality of education? What is it? Paraphrasing Bowel, the author, argued that in one of the modern capitalist countries like U.S. schools were evolved to produce a competent work force to satisfy the demands of the capitalist employers. The interest of this group was to sustain their hegemony over the proletariat’s ‘and reproduce the class structure. Capitalism was materialized holding the primary assumption of the free market economy of Adam Smith. Besides, it is a system committed to uphold the economic and political power of the dominant group of the society over the other. In light of this the social institutions such as the family, the religious institutions, and schools seem formed to strengthen the class structure of the system.
However, the employees mistreatment and the unfair leader and led relationships help recognize the purpose of
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The nature and distribution of the school knowledge was understood by examining curriculum and the pedagogical practices of the students and school personnel’s of the study sites. Data were gathered via a reasonable time of class room observation; informal and formal interview of students, teachers, principals, and district administrative staff; and assessment of curriculum and other materials in each classroom and school. The schools under consideration were stratified on the basis of the students parental income level and the kind of work they were engaged in. Hence, the study was employed on two working class schools, one middle class school, one affluent professional school, and one executive elite school. The writer is also attempted to compare and contrast the results obtained from the schools under

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