American Education Problems

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The system of education in USA faces hard critics since the first day of its adoption. Every year millions of parents and initiative groups demand from federal, state and local authorities to improve this system. Some of them are not satisfied with the price of education, other consider that the quality of education is low. There is also some idea that children do not feel safe in modern schools. All times parents were unsatisfied with the system of education, as it is impossible to meet the requirement of everyone. There are different parents and children, and their attitude to the process of education is also different. Furthermore, it is very hard to solve this problem, as every time there will be some parents, who will dislike something…show more content…
Anyway, problems remain the same. There is a list of the main problems on school education in US.

The main problem of American education is the attitude of teachers to this process. In old times people believed that a teacher had to love his work, not only to know his/her subject well. Many teachers are interested in their income, health insurance and advantages, taken from their job. They forget about students’ success. (“The U.S. Educational”, 2016)

Last year teachers of American schools held a demonstration and refused to go to work. Because of that fact, many schools had to be closed, and parents had to solve the problem where to leave their children. Moreover, teachers can be very violent with their students. It is possible to notice that teachers take care only about their own
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There are many organizations, which fight with school sadism. Furthermore, a great amount of money from the state budget is spent on different actions to prevent sadism among teenagers. Modern children are very cruel. Only in New York there were adopted more than 30 laws, appealing to cut a level of juvenile delinquency. Unfortunately, these measures did not help to improve the situation.

American educational system needs to be reformed. Taking into consideration such facts as sadism, unequal attitude to pupils, a low-level of well-educated students, bad discipline at lessons, it is possible to say that the educational system needs to be reformed. Some schools in Southern state of US think about using corporal punishments to improve discipline during lessons. Many years ago it was the best way to make students obey. Another problem of schools of America is a school uniform. There is a necessity to use the uniform at schools. All students have to be equal. Some students cannot afford expensive clothes and feel uncomfortable about school. The level of their activities at lessons reduces because of that, and they cannot concentrate on study. The atmosphere at lessons has to be positive and
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