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The reason why these schools were much more successful than the previous attempts at an integrated school system was lack of involvement from both the church and the state . These schools were originally independent and would rely on charitable institutions for funding. These schools were sought after by parents and without the involvement of the church or the state, they were able to ensure that it was the type of integrated school system they wanted to send their children too. One religion would not be viewed as greater than another and it allowed their children to interact with one another without their religion separate them.

In the segregated school system, children would learn to create a basis and stereotype children of different
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Religion was not the only thing separating the two schools, the curriculum taught and games played in the two schools were vastly different. Catholic schools focused on the importance of Irish history, Gaelic and other Irish games. The Protestants where never taught Irish history and only focused on the United Kingdom. They wanted to preserve their British identity by teaching the significance of it school. With such different teachings came vastly different perceptions of the nationally and local history of Northern Ireland. Such teachings only grew the division between the two religions. (BOOK) Today however, this difference it teaching is much less significant and schools generally follow a similar curriculum.

The games played at the two different schools in also something to note. Catholic schools primarily played Gaelic games while cricket, hockey and rugby where played at Protestant schools. There was overlap such as soccer, tennis and basketball that were played at both of schools which show that there was element of similarity between the two schools. Protestant and Catholic children also differed immensely in their rhymes they were taught. These difference did have an impact on the children as it is just one more difference which separate one another.
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With the education system being closely tied to the two different religions, it has severely contributed to the divide. Since 1921, the education system has had two main school systems, the Catholic and the Protestant school system. In Catholic schools, Irish culture would be taught and in Protestant schools would teach British cultures. Now there was not only a religious divide between the two schools, but also a political divide. Prejudice to the opposite religion would start to form starting in primary school and would continue on into secondary school. The different curriculums only furthered the divide between the children. Although a very small percentage of students in Northern Ireland attended integrated schools, it shows that there is hope to prevent the divide from worsening. Students tended to be more open minded towards one another and this shows the impact the education system has on children. Without having the opportunity to grow friendship over the community divide, nothing will ever change. With the majority of children in primarily an all Catholic or all Protestant school, their ideas about the other religion will not change because they are not given the opportunity. The Catholic school systems were also largely discriminated which made the hostility towards the Protestant and the government

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