School Is Bad For Children By John Holt

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In the texts “The Sanctuary of School” written by Lynda Barry and “School is Bad for Children” written by John Holt, both authors take different approaches regarding education. On one hand, Barry in her essay talks about her troubled childhood and how school and her art teacher helped her to escape from all the problems her family were going through, and ultimately helped her succeed. On the other hand, Holt mentions that school is not a place where children go to learn, but a place where they learn how to fail. He strongly believes that school is a bad place for children because it takes away all the important elements from learning.
To begin with, I have always hated going to school. Since I was 7 years old and started my first year of elementary school, I always hated having to wake up at 6 in the morning, putting on a uniform that made look like a boy scout, and having to seat in a classroom for hours not learning anything important, besides the ABC’s. I really think that school is a torture for kids like the one I was. A kid full of energy (almost hyperactive), enthusiasm for living, learning interesting subjects, and an incontrollable desire for exploring the world around me.
For instance, John Holt in his essay “School is Bad for Children” gives a very similar definition about education and why he thinks there must be changes to make it better. Holt in his essays mentions that school is a boring, ineffective, and time-consuming place that the only thing that teaches
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