The Importance Of School Leadership

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One would wonder how a school would be without a without leadership. A school as a learning institution is a place where teaching and learning takes place. It consist of different key players, from students, teachers, auxiliary staff and external stakeholders who performs different roles and have different responsibilities in the institution. These players are lead and coordinated by a school leader, a school principal or school head. For one to say “this is a good school” certain features must be observed in such a school which are not only adherent to high academic performance but also to the positive general up being of the school community. Several researches done describes a good school as an effective school (Wong, 2010, Edmonds, 1979).…show more content…
They manage people (students and staff), school resources and school information (Danielson, 2007). Good management of the aforementioned entities would be portrayed by the school achieving its set goals and visions. In such regards school leader will equitably allocate resources in the school, efficiently manage, process and store school information for effective information sharing to foster school performance. Conflict management and other indiscipline issues arising in the school are dealt with by the school leadership. School leader is a relationship builder and therefore tasked with the responsibility to create a hospitable environment for learning (Lezotte, 2012. Mendels, 2012). According to Fullan, (2002) a school leader must be able to develop working relationship amongst staff members despite their differences. He alluded on to explain that the improved relationship within the school will not only enable attainment of high results but also a long term investment for the school. In addition, these efforts will be portrayed by a harmonious working relations as well as attainment of good results of the school.
The school cultural diversity is controlled by the school leadership. School leaders as change managers are tasked “to minimize the distractions and impacts of the change” (Kotter, 2011). Changing the school culture and ensuring adaptation of the new culture of the school is a difficult task which requires strategic planning. The school leader must be able to perform this cultural transformation effectively to circumvent negative response. If not managed well the changes taking place in the school, the school will definitely fail its set
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