School Life: The Best Moment In My Life

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It is hard to admit that school life is the best moment in my life yet i faced a lot of dilemma which made what i am today.”Things never quite as scary when your friends are around”.I always remember this lines as my friends always besides me on whatever i faced problems.Apart from studies ,school is all about friendship that i cherished so much.Until one night,the brotherhood the had been build for years was put into test.The night incident for me to see how loyal I had to my friends. It was Saturday night-free night for our school,we planned perfectly that night for the birthday celebration for me best buddies also my dorm mate.We actually prepared the foods as well as cake so that we can celebrate together .Since he was so popular in my school my dorm packed with friends just to celebrate his best moment.After we finished celebrated my best buddy birthday ,I knew that all my other mischievous friends planned to do the tradition that had been performed since ages but I not planned to join them because i felt it was wrong to do such thing to anyone because it will cause excruciating pain at that area which will last for days—or worst, for weeks. . To be honest,…show more content…
Then thing stopped simultaniously when my best friend shouted really loud with pain expressed by his face .Then we realized that we actually alarmed warden attentions ,most of my friend flee back to their dorm .But how about me ?”where can i go ,would i leave my best friend behind?” I monologued. As i expected the sound of motor beat my eardrum,my heart pounded

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