School Lunch Case Study

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Is the money you are paying for lunch really worth it? Our district has been losing a lot of money when they were in control of our school lunch prices. So our Board of Education hired Aramark to break even... But at what cost? Many families are spending hundreds of dollars per year on just one student. They are paying all this money and they get garbage for lunch. Some of these families are spending all their money on lunch and can 't afford anything else. School meal prices are currently determined by the School Board, but the a la carte prices are determined by the Food Service Department. According to Mandy Sosnowski, a food service director, "The school board determines the meal prices. Food service department determines the a…show more content…
Why did the board of education switch to Aramark? "The board and administration are always looking for ways to either reduce costs or operate more efficiently. Sometimes savings - without effecting the level or quality or service - can be done with services such as transportation, etc. While these are essential to the school day, they aren 't the core mission - which is educating students to the very best of our abilities." This quote shows that the reason we switched to Aramark is because we were looking to save money with Aramark instead of losing money with our own food services. They also want to keep giving the students quality food and service, but has the food really been up to the students standards? Mason Canfield, a 7th grader at East Hills Middle School states, "It costs $4 - $5 to buy lunch in EHMS, and I think it is not worth the price because it 's a small portion and the food is dry such as the…show more content…
Also, the drinks are overpriced, at my dad 's work, in the vending machine, I can buy drinks for $1.00, while at EHMS $2.75 for Gatorade." Sophie Henderson, an 8th grader at EHMS states, "It costs $2.50 for me to buy just a bagel. The bagel price I think is worth it, but for the other food is not worth it because it 's not good quality, is too greasy, and is all junk food." These quotes show that many of the students at EHMS do not like the food and think it is bad quality. Many say the food is dry and has bad portions. Sophie Henderson thinks it is worth the money for bagels but not the other choices. In conclusion, the school district has made major changes to the school lunch program to save money, but those changes have changed students thoughts on the quality of the
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