School Lunch Persuasive Speech

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I have been in school for thirteen years, a staggering 76% of my life; and after all this time nothing has changed. Every single day I get served the same unhealthy, inedible lunch. It is something I can no longer do, I will no longer sacrifice myself to clench my hunger and thirst with this nauseating, unsavory, unappetizing food. Yes breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many of us do not get to eat breakfast because we are rushing to get to school. So why not fight for a better school lunch that all kids can enjoy and energize from? There are many ways of combatting this problem, but I believe the most effective solution is to bring my mother to school. My mother will change lunch as we know it, she will be the solution to this ongoing problem. This could potentially lead to a national change of school lunches. Let’s make my mother head lunch lady.…show more content…
“But her school lunch control regulations, which were passed in the name of healthy eating have been an utter failure” (Gonchar). The Healthy and Hunger- Free Kids Act was supposed to gives kids a better school lunch, yet it has failed. The ultimate result was that kids are not eating their lunches and money is being put to waste. “It’s great that schools are trying to make school lunches better, they’re not doing a very good job about it, starving kids at school isn’t exactly a way to get kid’s obesity down” (Arit John). Even though school are trying to make improvements the steps they are taking are actually worsening the situation. The nation is trying to lower the number of obese children but these steps are far too drastic in the wrong direction. With my proposal of bringing my mother, kids would no longer choose the option of starvation rather than consuming school lunch. Not only would the school be saving money, but also feed children healthy nutritious food that will reduce
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