School Lunch Programs Research Paper

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School lunch Program Needs To Be Changed Many students are not receiving proper meals daily, The government is wasting money on a program that was started in World War II as a measure of national security. Many children have given school lunches a bad name, media spotlights the school meals in movies and tv’s. The program was planned poorly and with little time and effort. This program has the ability to support the people of America, not hurt them. More than 100,000 schools are being assisted by the federal government, that 's around 31 million students every day the government is spending money on a program that they do not have money to spend on. The biggest problem of all is that all 31 million students are receiving almost the same meal and nearly all of them have unappetizing opinions on the meals. The program has had many flaws and still has many, and every time a flaw is corrected another problem arrises. You may ask how the school lunch program is affecting the children of America or what is the school lunch program? The National School Lunch Program is a federally assisted…show more content…
The school lunch program was not planned well. The government spends 12 billion dollars a year on the school lunch program and the cost is only rising. Many schools take advantage of the program and give the whole district free meals while in reality they are only supposed to give it to the children whose parents have a low income and are under the income line. Many of the cafeteria workers are not qualified and they lack the proper training to meet the requirements put by the government instead of training the workers they continue to not follow the rules, not because they do not want to because they do not know how to. Instead of the government taking away the funding they continue to fund the program and let these things occur. The untrained staff can cook unappetizing food by trying to meet the calorie standards, This can lead to many kids wasting the food and throwing it
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