Are Our School Lunches Healthy Enough Summary

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Intro Name:Jayson lostaunau in the article pro/con:Are our school lunches healthy enough by McClatchy-tribute news service the genera is real problems.The article is about the first lady's choice in making school lunches healthier.the thesis is we could have healthy lunch but we could have something else that is not so healthy but can keep us eating lunch,because if the lunch is nasty then we won't eat and get sick from not eating.If we have something that we like then we won't get sick. TAG Brief Summary b Thesis(Reason 1, reason 2, reason 3) Body Paragraph 1 Name:Esmeralda Prieto In the article,it says that lunches are not healthy enough and that they need more healthy food in them.This shows that they want to put really healthy food but,really little of it.They need to put healthy and a little of unhealthy food to be full.Also sometimes when they cook the food it’s not always good or not fully cooked.In conclusion,they shouldn’t do the healthy food because nobody is going to want to eat it. Transition and topic sentence(stating reason 1) CD CM CM Concluding sentence Body Paragraph 2 Name: Tiffany Ramirez In the article “PRO/CON: Are our school lunches…show more content…
The athletes are not being fed enough food. This shows that athletes need energy for the sport they are attending. Also because the government placed severe restrictions on calories. Now that the government has put restrictions on school lunches kids aren't going to be satisfied because they're either not going to enjoy there food or it's not enough. Another reason is because kids are disgusted with food provided to them because half of the time school's meat is undercooked and many student find hair in there food, this shows a good reason for going against Michelle Obama's program. This is why Michelle Obama's program needs to be shut
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