School Lunches

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The Big Picture: School Lunches School lunches, they follow you everywhere from ever since those elementary days even up until your last few days of your senior year in College. From a parent’s perspective who would not want their child to grow up happy and healthy. Through the past years of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA implemented their new guideline throughout the nation for school lunches to have more fruits and vegetables while cutting out the fatty foods such as French fries or Coke; it would be expected that the general public would have some complaints. School lunches give students a healthy balanced diet that contribute to a healthy physical and psychological development especially in the younger ages (Jeon 130). What…show more content…
Often times, schools offer foods that are high in sugar, fats and calories, because they are higher in demand and would satisfy the public youth. In addition to that, these junk foods are much more accessible and cheaper than healthier foods. These foods that are high in sugar and fats don’t provide students with the proper nutrients needed for proper brain development and encourages students to eat unhealthy foods, making school a breeding ground for obesity. Children that spend almost half or more of their day at school need to be provided with a healthier lunch that meets their basic dietary needs. Obesity is a problem that stems even from school itself, a place where students are supposed to feel encouraged to learn, make positive life decisions and staying active. However, this is not the case. Students are being encouraged to eat poorly, which prevents students from properly learning, and from being as active as they can be, all of which can lead to
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