Tasty Food Persuasive Essay

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Every day millions of kids pull out their brown bags and lunch bags and sit down with friends at their lunch table. Some kids though, either can 't afford it or just don 't buy it. So the school comes to the rescue with all sorts of, not really tasty foods. Parents can appreciate their efforts but, forcing kids to eat their not-so-tasty food or just sit through lunch with no food is not fair! The program providing school lunches is so kids would have a healthy meal that they really love. And that was the case until, they changed their standards. You probably wouldn 't like being told what you can or can 't eat. Students should be allowed to eat what they want at lunch, it should not be the government 's choice of what kids eat. In the article “School Lunches: Healthy Choices v.s. Crowd Pleasers” the article states “their classmates…show more content…
Give the students a chance to choose! And the program needs to provide them with food that will give them energy to last until dinner. Parents also need to give them food that will be tasty! It is probably the best way to persuade students to eat the school lunches. In all reality students do need some restrictions on the food, but not to the point where nobody will buy it. Lots of kids purchase school lunch, simply because it 's generally affordable and is expected to be healthy. But not everybody likes this new food. Some students have even decided to skip school lunch as soon as the new meal restrictions were added. In a New York Times article called “Why Students Hate School Lunches” Kate Murphy claims that “...children either toss out the healthier meals or opt to brown-bag it.” This just goes to show how bad the students hate these new lunches! They would even starve just to get their point across. Some even persuaded their parents into letting them bring their own meals to school
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