School Lunches In Schools Essay

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Eight times out of ten when I walk through the lunch line and get my serving of vegetables, I look down at a shriveled up revolting mess of green goo. This mass of either under or overcooked vegetables is inedible. If this is what nutrition is, I don’t want to be apart of it. Sadly this is how many students feel nationwide. Sure many people such as Michelle Obama have tried to reform the school lunch menu, but the schools don’t seem to follow the regulations posted. The quality and nutrition of lunch at Lawton Community Schools, and many other schools, needs to be improved. With recent changes been made to the nutritional standards in school lunches, it seems that schools are increasing nutrition, but decreasing quality. “A recent USA Today investigation found that the nation’s largest fast-food chains have higher quality and safety standards for the meat … than what the U.S. Department of Agriculture has for the meat used for the National School Lunch Program...” (Buffenbarger). The food we serve our kids across the country has regulations, but all in the wrong places. The Federal Register limits schools to give students between…show more content…
Obviously the food is not bad enough to make us gravely sick; however, if they just figured out a way to improve nutrition and quality I wouldn’t have to write this paper. An article in the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine suggests that food service workers, parents, and children become educated on the preparation and consumption of healthy food. Especially if the staff was educated on better preparation of food, meals would be better. The same article also suggests offering more vegan and vegetarian meals for students. In my opinion, as long as those vegetarian meals were in good shape I would definitely eat them instead of what the school has to offer now, and this is coming from a guy who loves a nice big steak over any
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