School Lunches In Schools

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School lunches are destroying our children 's health. Everyday students make choices on what they plan to eat, but is it a healthy choice? School lunches are changing all the time and kids get hurt by these choices. Even though some people may think school lunches are healthy for our children, they actually aren’t because of the choices they are making, affect how students will focus in class and the school lunches are formed around many different prices. Students choices they make on food can affect how they will focus in class. Some of their choices are not healthy. Kids Health states “when choosing what to eat for lunch making healthy choices is really important” (School Lunches). If students are to choose chips and candy over fruits and…show more content…
Students lunches are being downgraded every year. The United States has one of the cheapest school lunch programs around the world. An Article called The Real Problem with School Lunches talks about how “we criticize schools ' reliance on highly processed, heat- 'n '-eat food, but cooking from scratch requires adequate cold storage and food preparation facilities, as well as trained workers” (Siegel). This shows that we complain so much on how the food is prepared but the government as well as every individual does not want to pay the price. Also “school meals in other countries fascinate us because they reflect a society 's true food culture, as well as its regard for its children” (Siegel). If the community goes cheap on our lunches other countries assume that this is how our culture eats, but in reality people eat big meals at home or go out for dinner. In some cases a school lunch or even breakfast is all a child might get that day. The food service should make sure they get enough to eat as well as all the nutrients by spending just a little more on foods that kids will to eat. Therefore “eating habits, like many other habits, are formed in childhood” (Good,Engler-Stringer). If we spend just a bit more on our school lunches our students eating habits could be healthier and they would be taught to choose what is right for their body. So pay the extra price to keep the
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