School Lunches In Schools Research Paper

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Many people dread having to walk through the lunch line and pick up a less-than mediocre meal from the scary looking lunch ladies. Personally, I have always liked the school lunches, until a recent experience put an unpleasant image in my head every time I take a bite out of a school lunch chicken sandwich. Government officials, and first lady, Michelle Obama, are trying to make school lunches more “nutritious” but it seems as though what’s really happening is schools are turning to cheaper food items instead of really trying to provide a healthy meal for growing high school students. Of course, there are healthy options, including fruit and vegetables, but the main courses are so processed that it disgusts me to even think about eating it.…show more content…
In the article, Harris goes into detail about a government proposal of banning various junk foods in school lunchrooms. Government administration, along with first lady Michelle Obama, are working towards an initiative of reducing childhood obesity, and they want to start by creating healthier food options, with more nutritious value. Harris then explains the other side of this topic. Many people are skeptical of this government plan. Giving government further control on school breakfast and lunch programs will shrink school board budgets. On top of this, Harris talks with many parents and club leaders, and they say this would be a major blow to the financial income of their school activities. Candy fundraisers are a common way to raise money for school related programs, and this new government ban may cause for these fundraisers to become non-existent. Harris acknowledges that banning all sweets from schools could be detrimental to the income of schools, but also suggests that many students are overweight and this plan may be able to reduce the growing number of obese
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