School Lunches Research Paper

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How healthy/unhealthy are School lunches? The first article is about school lunches, specifically about their negative effects it has on students. The article states that school lunches are about a 3rd of students daily calorie intake. School lunches focus more on the cheap alternatives than the actual healthy lunches that students should be getting. Some schools offer greasy pizza, unhealthy burgers, and in some cases, ice cream and cake. Some even say that these school lunches are even more unhealthy than today’s fast food chains. These lunches are not bad to offer every once and awhile, but when it is the daily meal a student is given at school, that’s where it starts to become a problem for most students. It’s also said that school lunches…show more content…
Obviously, there is almost no school that doesn’t feed their children and make sure they do not go through the day on an empty stomach, but that also has it’s negatives since school lunches have some health problems, specifically calorie intake. Some students get school lunches for free, resulting in some shortage in profit. As much as we would like to assume that schools make their students the number one priority, a school cannot run without money, and money lost from lunches equals cheap alternatives. And these alternatives usually aren’t the most healthy. One thing schools can do to help get better school lunches is offer more of a variety. Some schools give each student one specific meal a day, but adding side foods like vegetables and fruit really help. In 2008, and analysis of school lunches concluded that school cafeterias don’t offer much fruit to their students, and that can be a real problem in someone’s health. Luckily, the unhealthy school lunches are getting more and more awareness. School cafeterias are bringing in a better variety in foods such as, salad bars, and different fruits for the students to choose from. This is a big step forward and with parents and even congress doing the best that they possibly can to make lunches healthier for every school and every student attending that school. It shouldn’t be much longer until every student can have access to a much healthier lunch at
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