School Management Competencies

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This chapter presents the related literature and studies reviewed by the researcher to better understand the concepts of the problem being investigated. School Management Competencies. The new trend in school management is to create and develop remarkable school leaders through training and development. In line with this mandate, the educational institutions in the country are in constant effort to enhance and improve their training program. Focus was given toward continuous professional development for school leaders. The school management training consists of five important elements that interconnected and related to one another: Growth Oriented Training and Development High Impact Training and Development Initiatives (HITI), Leadership…show more content…
The new trend in school management is to create and develop remarkable school leaders through training and development. A thorough review of literature showed that the leadership traits were known by its adjective expressions such as instructional, participative, democratic, strategic and transformational. To manage own resources is about managing personal resources (particularly knowledge, understanding, skills, experience and time) in order to achieve work objectives.
Teacher performance management is a continuous process for identifying, evaluating and developing the work performance of teachers, so that the goals and objectives of the school are more effectively achieved, while at the same time benefiting teachers in terms of recognition of performance, professional development and career guidance. The provision of continuing professional development of school heads is considered as the most effective strategy for ensuring a turnaround in the quality of
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Boyatzis found out that school management assist teachers in identifying their potential and, areas and ways for improvement. Bush found out that teacher appraisal benefits the teachers in terms of having a focus on the main purpose of the system for different teachers. In a similar vein, Hallinger found out that competent school management produces teachers who adopt teaching strategies that are in line with the learning objectives and targets. Hanapiah found out that a sound management of school and teachers are able to make teachers adjust the time and tempo of teaching appropriately and flexibly. In addition, the findings of Hughes revealed that a sound management of a school is related to the teachers ability to demonstrate a broad and strong knowledge base in the standards in which they teach.
NCTL found out that the teacher survey show that school personnel have a different perspective of the principals’ competencies. Klausmeier posited that teacher effectiveness should be assessed using three types of criteria: process, product and presage. Bustos-Orosa also adds self-awareness, confidence, and a good sense of humor to this list. Intuitively, teachers are able to develop patterns of teaching behavior that are characteristic of their instructional

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